Finally I have wireless to get this blog going. Seeing as it’s just two weeks into this adventure, I figure it’d still be worth a go at it. Susie and I have been placed in Chantaburi, Thailand, for our teaching assignment. We are at a school called Benchamarachuthit and it has 3,000 students and 150 teachers.

This is the view of the school as you come in the gate









It’s known as a world-class standard school, so kids come from all over the area to go to school here. We’ve heard that some families even rent apartments here so that their kids can go to the school. It’s a secondary school, so we have what is called M levels. I have levels 3 and 5 classes- 19 of them a week for a total of about 1,000 students. I only see one class a week, so the students know me but I have no idea who they are.







On the street after school the students yell at us “teacher Susie” and “Jennifer” – because Jennifer’s a really long name to try and get all of syllables in while yelling. We see our kids everywhere because there are so many of them. The lower M levels of the school are all boys. So my M3’s are 55 boys to a class. My M5’s have girls in them, which is a nice change from all the rowdy boys.

This is one of the classrooms I have class in









Some of the boys are in the military, so they have to go to do their military thing in the afternoon I believe. One class has a lot of military boys and they are a handful to say the least! Yesterday, the boys all wore Boy Scout uniforms. Apparently ‘being prepared’ is mandatory here. This entire week we’ve just been trying to get to know our classes. This is their first week back from break, so it’s a mutual feeling.

This is the guard shack at school where we will do gate duty Monday mornings


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